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Long time no read. Well, here’s an update. Officially, I’ve been living in South Korea for one year and recently, I completed my first teaching contract abroad. Learn more about teaching English in South Korea and what motivated me to do so.

Now, I’m taking a short sabbatical to prepare for a new life chapter, which I will discuss more about soon, as well as, to do some traveling around Asia. For the past week, I have been writing about my trip to Japan. To get up to speed, please read the following post.

As a bonus, learn 7 fun facts about South Korea, including the difference between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese chopsticks. I also invite you to visit and please subscribe to my official culture and travel blog. Are you an expat or full-time traveler? If so, please comment and introduce yourself over on my travel blog.


My Travel Blog: Please, Come Follow Me!

I know it seems I have been missing in action, but really I haven’t. I launched a new blog a few months ago and that is where I share my travels and cultural exchanges as I explore the Asia Pacific.

I don’t foresee writing anymore on this blog, so I would like to invite you to come and subscribe my new blog, Expat Travel Writer. You can follow me on Bloglovin, Facebook, and Twitter.

Okay, what are you waiting for? Come on over and see where I plan to travel in 2014. My first international trip of 2014 is coming up very soon.

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5 Months in South Korea

expat travel writer

My six month mark is approaching here South Korea. I’ve always wanted to go and live abroad and experience different societies and cultures. The fact that I’m living and enjoying life as an expat is a dream come true for me. My travels prior to my extended stay in Mexico and now as an expat in Korea, were short vacations and I always felt like I didn’t have enough time to really explore.

In a nutshell, vacations didn’t satiate my travel bug. I wanted to stay in a place long enough to absorb some of its culture and to share some of my own. So I sought out a way to earn a living abroad and moved to South Korea. Thus far it has been great. In my latest post on my new travel blog, Expat Travel Writer, I discuss the phases of culture shock and where I am on that spectrum. You can read that post here and don’t forget to like my Facebook page.

New Website & Locked Inside Korean Bank

I have launched a new travel blog where I share stories, photographs, and videos about living as an American expat in South Korea. I invite you to come and visit my new website, Expat Travel Writer, including one of my latest posts, Locked Inside Bank in South Korea (a true story).

And please do not forget to subscribe to my new blog. I also invite you to come and follow me on Twitter and please, like my Facebook page.

Where have you been?


I know I’ve been missing in action.

To get you up to speed, I am still in South Korea and have been here for five months. Life is good here and I can barely believe this much time has already passed by.

Why haven’t I blogged since July?

Well, let’s see. My maternal grandmother passed away and that broke my heart. In fact, I still have my moments where the fact she is gone overwhelms me. Anyway, I don’t want to talk much about it here, but you can read more here.

The good news is that I am back on the bandwagon and have resumed blogging about my adventures and living as an expat in South Korea. In fact, I have started another website. Please check it out here and subscribe. I also invite you to come and follow me on Twitter and please, like my Facebook page.

My ultimate goal with my new website is to build a portfolio & showcase published work in addition to blogging about my travels and cultural exchanges. So please come and follow me as I cultivate a life built around my love and passion for people, writing and sharing stories, and of course travel.

Sunshine During Monsoon Season

Yesterday, I shared with you that it’s the wet season here in South Korea and how there were downpours around the clock this past weekend, which caused some flooding. Well today, the monsoon took a break and we could see blue skies in lieu of gray ones.

Chuncheon Stream and New Walking Park

When it was time to go home from work and upon stepping outside, I realized that I needed my sunglasses. Oh the joy I felt seeing that it was a bright day. Without a second thought, I decided to take a long walk home instead of hailing a taxi so that I could enjoy this rainless day. Let me say, the sunshine felt so good and I’m sure my skin was happy to take in some Vitamin D. I also took notice of how green the plants looked after all of this rain.

Chuncheon New Stream

While, I’m not a fan of heavy rainfalls for days on in, I see the beauty of rain because with it comes cleansing and rejuvenation and without rain their would be no growth — plants would wither and die. For me, it is the little things that make me smile and often stand in awe of the Creator. Today was such a day.

South Korea Monsoon Season

This month marked the start of monsoon season here in South Korea and I’m told that typhoon season will follow. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen more gray skies than sunshine and it has rained almost everyday, usually with downpours in the evenings. However on Saturday and Sunday, the downpours seem to have happened around the clock. So I just chilled at home this weekend because of the heavy rainfall.

Gongjicheon River Stream - Walking Park

Monday morning comes along and all I could think about while laying in bed and hearing how hard the rain was coming down was “Do I really have to get up and go to work in this monsoon?” Of course, I forced myself out of bed, showered, got dressed, and headed out the door into the rain. After a short walk and almost getting water splashed on me by cars driving by as I stood and waited to hail a taxi, I arrived at work at eight o’clock.

The downpours continued throughout the day and when it was time for me to leave, I took another taxi home in lieu of walking. I say all of this to say that after staying in all weekend and just going to and from work on Monday, I hadn’t realized until today there was flooding at the walking park along theĀ Gongjicheon River, which is not too far from where I reside. Now, I’m not surprised there was flooding given all of the rain, I just was out of the loop after being a recluse for a few days.

If you will look at the photo above, you will see that this river’s stream is usually low and the water is much clearer. In addition, you can actually walk across it via the rocks or stepping stones. This is a popular place to take a stroll during the day or evenings and to workout outdoors as there is exercise equipment sporadically placed along the park. However, the photos below were taken today when I was walking home and as you can see, there was and still is some flooding. The water is now muddy in color and there is debris and some damages.

Gongjicheon River - Monsoon Downpours and Flooding

Flooding in Chuncheon - Monsoon Season

Gongjicheon River - Flooding Under Bridge